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Extra Curricular Activities

List of extra curriculum activities


  1. Talk Program on Recent trends in opto-electronics device- Prof. Dr. Chandan Kumar Sarkar(24th May 2017)
  2. Talk Program  on galaxies- Shiv Narayan Yadav (2073/12/18)
  3. Talk Program  on Nanotechnology- Rishi Ghimire ( 2073/12/8)
  4. Talk Program  on Education System – by Solovakian Professor
  5. Participated in Inter Department football competition
  6. Secured position of  Runner Up in Inter Department Cricket Tournament 2017
  7. Elocution Program- by SXPC
  8. Participation in Interdepartmental Cricket Tournament
  9. Inter School Physics Olympiad  in Kathmandu- by SXPC
  10. Essay competition- by SXPC
  11. Immersion Program by Korean Professor
  12. Pie-day Celebration by SXPC March 14th
  13. Farewell and Welcome to BSc IV/I
  14. National workshop on “New Research Trend in Physics” conducted on 3rd September, 2016.
  15. Reformation of the new portfolio of the St. Xavier’s College Physics Council.
  16. Field trip to Mustang by B.Sc. Fourth year students
  17. Social camp to Chaimale V.D.C. by B.SC. Second and third year in Krishna Secondary School, Chaimale.
  18. Weekly seminar by students
  19. ICPSM-International Conference of Physics on Space and Materials-2017